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We provide the following services

Design Services

  • Design, prototype making and testing

  • Verification and Validation activity

  • Product manuals preparation (Catalogue, Valve selection data sheet & Installation manual)

  • Other  sales and marketing tools

  • Process Documentation

  • ITP (Inspection Test Procedure)

  • Sizing software

  • Debugging

Engineering Tools

Specialised Design Assistance

  • Solid Modeling

  • FEA

  • CFD Analysis

  • Cavitation and Noise Prediction

  • Friction analysis for stuffing box and actuators 

  • Actuator Selection Charts 

  • CV, Leakage, Flow Characteristic 

  • Life Cycle test, Fire Test, Fugitive Emission Test, etc...

cavitation 1.jpg

Order Specific Services

  • Review existing designs and suggest modifications to suit specific customer needs

  • General Assembly Drawings

  • Loop Design and Diagrams

  • Purchase Specifications

  • Testing Specifications

  • Material Selection Charts

  • Actuator Selection 

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Complete Product Designs

  • Control Valves

  • Ball Valves

  • Gate Valves

  • Cryogenic Valves

  • Low Emission Designs 

  • Safety Relief Valve Test Bench

  • Cyclic Test Bench

  • Pneumatic Multi Spring Diaphragm Actuators 

  • Pneumatic Piston Cylinder Actuators

  • Pneumatic Hookup Arrangements

Engineering Sketch

Comprehensive Failure Analyses Services

  • Root-cause Investigation

  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

  • Risk Anaslysis 


Management assistance

  • Real time costing methods

  • Real time management information systems  

  • Value Engineering

  • Comprehensive part code

  • Real time budget controlled expenditure tracking

  • Design documentation to get the product licensing from ISO, API, PED, etc...

  • TPI services

  • Training: Valve engineering, Sizing, calculations etc

Business Meeting

Plant and equipment related

  • Building a new plant for valve, pump or other flow elements manufacturing

  • Building a new plant for supply of parts including specialised processes

  • Painting systems addressing environment requirements.

  • Waste water circulation systems. E.g. for painting booth.

  • Flow -lab :Design supply and erection for pumps and valves.

  • Life cycle testing design and supply.

  • Various other R&D and testing facilities.

Services: Services
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