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Comprehensive Failure Analyses Services

Identify shortcomings in design/application selection/sizing. Wrong or improper valve/component metallurgy that can lead to a premature failure. Recommend fast and reliable solution through modification/replacement/ change in process. 

Design flaws that are missed during product design /selection is the most common factor. Design limitation can include improper material selection, wrong crippling load calculation, poor spring design, impact loading due to wrong actuator selection, operation timing. Material compatibility and tolerancing errors 

Installation related issues. Insufficient piping support, improper bracket design, insufficient air pressure, vibration, inaccessible location

Issues like; Seat failure due to impact load, over stressing, manufacturing defects like cracked hard facing, insufficient actuator travel and mis-alignment. Other factors include pressure-induced, thermal gradient-induced, and external-load-induced seat distortions.

Safety Relief Valve popping pressure drift is very common due to servicing done by technicians with inadequate training. Usage of spare parts made by unauthorised source is very common and often very dangerous. Low lift, chattering pose a serious challenge to plant safety.

Vibration can cause poor performance of control valves and safety relief valves. Vibration enhances failure of parts like bracket, bushes, galling ,gland leakage and premature  failure of valves.

Heavy  actuator and piping load can cause warpage of flanges, deformation of valve body and internals 

Fatigue failures can be caused by  cyclic  loading, thermal cycling and hunting operation.

Comprehensive Failure Analyses Services: Service
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