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Think Tank

  • Some introspection will reveal that a lion share of valve industry faces these problems.

  • Non availability of experienced design engineers

  • Manpower turnover after they get trained. It takes 10 to 15 years for a good engineer to have minimum knowledge of applications and issues to become a proper product designer.

  • Design engineers leave the company with valuable information of the products once they gain the experience. In the absence of proper patents, the organisation is bound to lose the market edge.

  • Maintaining a good design and engineering section is expensive

  • Many organizations are forced to compromise on product quality as they end up with a less competent person to man their product design.

  • Understanding these, Amrosolutions changed its approach. A new concept evolved. Just like an open university it has a panel of well experienced designers having minimum 25 years’ experience from various reputed organizations. Services to the valve industry is generated from these experienced think tank. Let us analyse the benefits for clients.

  • Need not worry about recruiting expensive engineers 

  • Need not worry about frequent manpower turnout

  • Can manage with a cost-effective service provided by us

  • Gets assistance from experienced think tank which otherwise is very difficult to maintain in an organization

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